Bathed in Sunlight


Christine MacJouvelet

A mixture of Charcoal, watercolour & collage

I am Dyslexic. It impacts every day of my life, we all have different talents.

I am putting my name and face here to share my story, and to help Dear Dyslexic to broadcast awareness throughout the land.

Central to the self-portrait is my wonderful mother Jeannette. A remarkable woman who accepts people for the whole person they are, who sees and encourages the positives of every child who comes into her life. Unconditional love, belief that I can do anything I want to do. It’s her love that has made me feel bathed in sunlight throughout my life. My daughter Jacqueline, so loving, accepting of all people for who they are, flexible and encouraging. My partner Brian, talented, adventurous, loving, and full of fun and always there.

School was ok until later in grade 3 when it became unbearable and I just wanted to die and perhaps come back and have another go at life.  However, it taught me to escape the classroom and daydream through the window looking at the trees. I remember the trees I climbed and our adventures going to the Plenty River. Grade 4, I discovered the joys of community service raising funds for aboriginal education. Grade 5 and 6, I discovered my love of the water.

In secondary school, I was able to hide from my teachers and loved the social life. Left at age 15! Hooray! Discovered teaching swimming.

On a daily basis I still get lost in time, noise, organisation, the internet, and social media, trying to remember nouns, names of things and people, finding words, organizing my thoughts to put into words and then adjusting the big mess on paper and rehashing it to come up with some excellent work. I still take ages to do some things, working too long and too late. I have to give my very best all the time, it can be exhausting.  When I am really tired it feels as if my head will explode.

Today I think my Dyslexia provides me with a huge heart that is filled with empathy, optimism, love, joy, celebration and a strong desire to help any person who needs help.

I am bathed in Sunlight and have the most wonderful life, work and opportunities.

As the Chair of Dear Dyslexic I will not be accepting any prize in this competition. So please check out all the other entries as your donation will count to their place in the competition.  It is the major fundraiser for the year and I encourage people to donate.