I am excited to announce I will be a presenting at the 2020 Vision for Dyslexia International Dyslexia Virtual Conference on my journey as a dyslexic social entrepreneur.

The International Dyslexia Conference will bring together knowledge and understanding of dyslexia experts from the 4 corners of the globe to share their unique insights to help the attendees leave with a clear plan for the future of dyslexia in their communities.

Agenda – 5 main subject areas will be covered:

  1. a) Dyslexia and Education
  2. b) Dyslexia and Physical/Mental Health
  3. c) Dyslexia and HR/Employment
  4. d) IT Support in Education/Work/Home
  5. e) Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness


Further details of the conference can be found here

In partnership with the conference, we are giving away free tickets to the virtual conference. If you would like a ticket please complete the online form 2020-vision-for-dyslexia-international-dyslexia-virtual-conference