DDF has joined up with Janette Beetham to bring you a live 1-hour webinar on Dyslexia and neurodiverse condition in the workplace.

If you're a teacher how to provide the best information possible,
If you're a manager ’some tips’ to support your team member,
or if you're an HR manager some guidance for your workplace.

In this webinar, our intention is for you to build a foundation and to feeling more able empowered to make the best decisions, advise and support when it comes to helping employees or workplaces who are dyslexic and neurodiverse.

What I do know is these top basics are what you need to know about Dyslexia and neurodiverse condition in the workplace:

1. Dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties

2. Potential impacts of neurodivergence on the individual, environment and the job role

3. A person-centred approach to support neurodivergence within the workplace

Janette Beetham is the Managing Director of Right Resources and has presented on her work internationally as well as publishing peer-reviewed journal papers. She is is a consultant/trainer who specialises in dyslexia and neurodivergent ‘conditions’ in the workplace with over 12 years’ experience with this particular focus.

Janette is herself dyslexic/neurodivergent (having only discovered this in her late 30’s having experienced challenges during her education and early employment. Since then Janette has designed a range of programmes with a passion to help employers untap the potential of the whole workforce.

We cant wait to see you there.

Ticket cost per person is $45.00 

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Dyslexia and neurodiverse condition in the workplace

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