I've decided to create a learning hub during this time, called DHub, Dyslexia Hub, a place for you the teachers, managers or HR leaders to come and learn, focus on developing new skills and find a way to keep contributing to your education and workplaces.

And to kick start this DHub, let's learn about the Top five essential things to know when it comes to dyslexia.

Dyslexia is here and is here to stay. 

I know there are a lot of you out there wondering how to get your head around the basics of dyslexia, and believe me I know it is confusing, complicated and multi-layered.

  • If you're a teacher how to provide the best information possible,
  • If you're a manager how to support your team member,
  • or if you're an HR manager how to advise your workplace.

What I do know is these basics about dyslexia, is the absolute best place to start.

In this one hour webinar, my intention is for you to be well on your way to feeling confident and empowered to make the best decisions, advise and support when it comes to helping students, employees or workplaces with dyslexia.

What I do know is these top basics are what you need to know about dyslexia.

Basics 1. Dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties what are they

Basics 2. Dyslexia and day to day functioning

Basics 3. What are accommodations and why should we allow them

Basics 4. An introduction to assistive technology 

A free fact sheet and early-bird access to our dyslexia and mental health what you need to know Webinar are included in this free webinar.

We cant wait to see you there.

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