DDF is excited to announce it has joined forces with the Equal Employment Opportunity Network (EEON)  as a media partner to bring you the 3rd Enabling Inclusion and Diversity Summit (Learn, Think, Do) live from Storey Hall, RMIT on 15 September.

EEON were our 2019 Workplace Inclusion Leadership Award recipients at the Dear Dyslexic Foundation 2019 Gala.

The 2020 Enabling Inclusion and Diversity Summit will bring together people and organisations from across Australia who truly value diversity and inclusion. You will also get people’s lived experience of diversity and those who have inspired change.

The program will be challenging, practical, well-paced and interactive - with keynotes by Asif Sadiq, Fadzi Whande, Karen Farquharson & Russel James, conversation leaders Hutch Hatice HusseinMichelle Sheppard (with more to be announced), activity-based learning with Duncan Smith and Rezza Moieni, virtual stalls. Facilitated by Lachlan Fairburn MAITD

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