How to get the most out of school when school doesn’t get you.


“I can’t wait to drop out”

“I’m just dumb”

“My teachers hate me”

“I’ve got a stomach ache”

“I hate school”


Have you heard anything like this? From your child? From your students? Are you saying it?


It is never too late to learn how to make school work for you or your child.


If you have been diagnosed with a learning disorder or not, if you struggle with school, or if you feel like you just don’t fit, you can find ways to make school meaningful for you. You can work towards a future you want.


In this webinar for students, parents and teachers, I will help you learn new ways to think about:

  • Why school matters (it’s not what you think)
  • What parts of your education journey you can control
  • How to get people on your side (no matter how many detentions you might have had this year)
  • The changing relationship between education and employment, and why future employers need the skills you already have

This webinar will be presented by Jacqui who has been a Secondary School teacher for 15 years, teaching in all sectors from large suburban schools, to small international schools and alternative settings. Through leadership roles in the curriculum, careers counselling, pathways planning and VCAL Coordination, Jacqui became increasingly aware of the number of students who were disengaged, disenfranchised and disadvantaged by mainstream education and the devastating effects of the sense of failure those students feel. Using the skills and knowledge she has gained working with hundreds of frustrated students she is now offering Pathways Coaching, teaching students how to engage meaningfully with education, so that every student can find their joy and purpose in learning, at school and beyond.

Dear Dyslexic changing the world through storytelling. 

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