Wayne Hutchison

My name is Wayne Hutchison, I grew up as the only boy in a family of 3 girls. My family were incredibly supportive and positive and I had a lot of fun growing up in the country but when it came to school, things were difficult. I was a bit of a lost boy, I liked learning things but when it came to putting anything down on paper or reading a book I was struck with total confusion. It was only as I moved into adulthood that I realised I had dyslexia. Ironically, I choose the career of a sign writer. That too bought struggles, miss spellings, mini disasters but all in all I carved out a rewarding and enjoyable career. I had a family of my own and life has been good to me. Probably the saddest moment for me was when I started to see my daughter struggle at school in the same way I did. She too has dyslexia and has gone on to deal with this throughout her own life.