Welcome to the Dhub.

We have created the DHub, a place for you the teachers, those supporting students with dyslexia, managers or HR leaders to come and learn, focus on developing new skills and find a way to keep contributing to your education and workplaces.  I’m so glad you have joined us on our journey to empower those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities to reach their full potential. 


We understand that when it comes to Professional Development, one-size doesn’t always fit all.

Customised Professional Development provides a great way to build and expand your knowledge and improving practice across your whole team. The Dear Dyslexic Foundation can work with you to understand the learning needs of your team and design tailored training sessions to meet identified learning outcomes for your educational institution or organisation. We deliver training nationally at your educational institution or organisation.

Professional learning and consultancy options could include:

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Dear Dyslexic has a strong focus on assisting adults, especially young adults, in dealing with the impact of having dyslexia - including in the workplace, where it is very often ignored here in Australia.

Dr Nola Firth, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne