Training with Dear Dyslexic

1 in every 10 Australians is thought to have dyslexia. By developing the skills to tap into and enhance the unique talents and abilities of dyslexics, we all benefit.

Our training and workshops offer you an insight into a hidden current of talent in your workplace that you might not have known was there. We provide supervisors and management with the skills and awareness they need to support their teams to do their best, and to fulfil their legislative requirements — all while creating an inclusive and dyslexia-positive workplace.

Our interactive, hands-on workshops will allow you to go away with all the tools, skills and confidence you need to make the learning pathway smoother, and the work experience more fulfilling for your whole team.

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Training is available all over Australia, and open to: 

  • supervisors and management who are involved in diversity, inclusion and human resources
  • When / where the training takes place

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Dear Dyslexic has a strong focus on assisting adults, especially young adults, in dealing with the impact of having dyslexia - including in the workplace, where it is very often ignored here in Australia.
Dr Nola Firth, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne