The Hobo CEO A Year in the Life of a Dyslexic Social Entrepreneur

The Hobo CEO A Year in the Life of a Dyslexic Social Entrepreneur 

by CEO Shae Marie Wissell

Life is full of challenges, and we’re always looking for the answers, but what happens when you can’t read those all-important clues?

Entrepreneur Shae Marie is a successful businesswoman who received a late diagnosis of Dyslexia in her later twenties. By this time she’d suffered through school and university, challenged by something she couldn’t understand.

Bullied and ridiculed, she fought a battle not only with self-confidence, but to prove to her naysayers she was indeed a resilient and intelligent woman. She couldn’t understand why she struggled to read what others seemed to find a breeze. There were other clues that hindered her success, but until that AHA moment when she finally received a diagnosis and could act upon it, Shae Marie found some things challenging.

Now, armed with skills and strategies befitting her lifestyles, Shae Marie has become a successful, confident woman ready to face any obstacle. Things didn’t fall into place after her diagnosis, but with resilience, determination and fortitude, she’s gone from strength to strength.