We know that dyslexia is pretty common in our community, but most of us get by, and some actually do pretty well. Most of us can name a successful person who has dyslexia. How about Richard Branson or Jamie Oliver? They've managed to become huge successes even though they have dyslexia. But not everyone who has dyslexia manages to become rich and famous, or even just middle-class and comfortable.

A lot of people who grow up with dyslexia or have difficulties at school don't always get a chance to be as good as they can be. They end up frustrated and disconnected from school because dyslexia or other challenges can make it harder for them to participate, learn and succeed. And then, out in the world without much education, it's hard to get a job. You can read more on the next couple of pages, which talk about people who are in contact with the Justice System and those who come from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. These two groups can show us how dyslexia or poor education can end up being just one of a long list of bad things that can happen in life.