Did you know that 10% of Australian employees are dyslexic? 

This means that 1 in 10 Australian workers need additional support in their day-to-day activities. How equipped is your business to meet these challenges?

Dyslexics make up 50% of the neurodivergent community, yet currently, workplaces are not meeting the needs of these individuals. We deliver comprehensive workplace coaching and assessments to support your dyslexic employees to have the right tools in place to meet their work requirements. Our work is informed by evidence-based Australian research conducted ourselves with La Trobe University.

Workplace assessment includes:

  • gather information about the client’s difficulties at work, from both the employee and their line manager
  • gather information about the employee’s specific role and working environment
  • demonstrate some of the assistive technologies that may be useful to the employee
  • consider any existing documents (such as a diagnostic assessment report)
  • consider adjustments already put in place
  • prepare a comprehensive written report of the findings and specific recommendations for suitable adjustments.

Using the Job Demands Resource Model of Burn-Out we look at the job demands and job resources accessible to a dyslexic employee and how as an employer you can work with your employee to create a balanced working environment that reduced workplace stress a key factor in job burn-out. 

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