Recently DDF has been going through significant change and has now partnered with re:think dyslexia

re:think dyslexia is a global leader that will influence intergenerational change so adults with dyslexia are never left behind. Our mission is to create inclusive environments that enable adults with dyslexia to live healthier, happier and more connected lives.

By partnering with re:think dyslexia  DDF will continue to provide a platform for those with a lived experience of dyslexia to share their stories as a means of empowerment and self-advocacy. DDF will continue to raise awareness of dyslexia through direct action and advocacy work with state and federal governments.

The Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series which celebrates stories of people living with dyslexia will continue with re:think dyslexia. Peer support groups including the PhD support group and our closed Facebook community will also continue under this new banner.

For further information on our continuing work and the work of re:think dyslexia head to We thank you for your ongoing support during this transition time.

Workplace consulting and training

Our customised consulting services provide you with the opportunity to develop more inclusive workplace practices that empower your employees to reach their full working potential.


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Workplace coaching and assessments


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Coaching for dyslexic individuals and businesses owners


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Our Australian first dyslexia research with La Trobe University


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Workplace inclusion and diversity eLearning courses

Neurodiversity in the Workplace, supporting individuals with dyslexia and their teams" eLearning Course now live


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The challenge 

1 in 10

Australians are estimated to have dyslexia

2 in 3

people with dyslexia do not feel good about themselves 


more likely to have attempted suicide compared to the rest of the population 

1 in 5

people in the justice system have a learning disability (at least 1 in 5!)

Reading difficulties are a risk factor for the development of later mental health problems

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