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Whether you’re a teacher, a student support officer, a tutor, an employer, a health professional, a parent or you have dyslexia our training is designed for you!


Author: Shae Wissell

Dear Dyslexic Helpline

The Dear Dyslexic Knowledge line offers peer support for those living with dyslexia and information about our training and services. Call 1800 589 667



It's Education Month


Author: Shae Wissell

The challenge 

1 in 10

Australians are estimated to have dyslexia

2 in 3

people with dyslexia do not feel good about themselves 


more likely to have attempted suicide compared to the rest of the population 

1 in 5

people in the justice system have a learning disability (at least 1 in 5!)

Reading difficulties are a risk factor for the development of later mental health problems

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