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2021 Conference ‘Living successfully with dyslexia in Australia; Surviving and Thriving in a Non-Dyslexic World’




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Author: Shae Wissell

Location: Online


Whether you’re a teacher, a student support officer, a tutor, an employer, a health professional, a parent or you have dyslexia our training is designed for you!


Author: Shae Wissell

Episode 46 with Alison Edgar The Entrepreneur’s Godmother


Author: Shae Wissell

The challenge 

1 in 10

Australians are estimated to have dyslexia

2 in 3

people with dyslexia do not feel good about themselves 


more likely to have attempted suicide compared to the rest of the population 

1 in 5

people in the justice system have a learning disability (at least 1 in 5!)

Reading difficulties are a risk factor for the development of later mental health problems

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