We do this by:

Raising awareness of dyslexia through direct action and education

Celebrating stories of people living with dyslexia

Carrying out research to ensure our work is informed by evidence

Raise Awareness

Dear Dyslexic strongly advocates for change through awareness-raising activities through the Dear Dyslexic Podcasts, Expert Speaking, National Campaigns and Annual Galas


Author: Shae Wissell

Assessment and Support Services

Dear Dyslexic offers assessments, tutoring and peer support services for those on the path to dyslexia or learning disability diagnosis and support



Educate and train

Whether you’re a teacher, a student support officer, a tutor, an employer, a health professional, a parent or you have dyslexia our training is designed for you!


Author: Shae Wissell


The Dear Dyslexic Foundation has partnered with LaTrobe University to undertake two research projects that will look at the impact of dyslexia for young people and adults



2019 Annual Gala, We Did It!

2019 Annual Gala Resilience the Courage to Fall and Rise.


Author: Shae Wissell

The challenge 

1 in 10

Australians are estimated to have dyslexia

2 in 3

people with dyslexia do not feel good about themselves 


more likely to have attempted suicide compared to the rest of the population 

1 in 5

people in the justice system have a learning disability (at least 1 in 5!)

Reading difficulties are a risk factor for the development of later mental health problems

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