In this episode, Shae speaks with Autumn O’Connor and Tammy McGowan about raising children as neurodivergent parents the ups, downs, and the many laughs along the way.

Autumn O'Connor is a successful career woman and new mother to a wonderful little man; learning how to give him a strong secure attachment, so he may grow up feeling safe, loved and free to be himself. Autumn is a twice-exceptional adult (autism, gifted IQ, dyslexia and dyscalculia), and believes her neurominority lived experiences give her a unique perspective on life. 

Tammy McGowan (she/her) is a successful businesswoman, and a mum who and was diagnosed late in adulthood. Tammy is autistic and adhd’er who is also dyslectic, dyscalculic, has an auditory processing disorder and has chronic health conditions.

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