Charlie Macgregor

Charlie Macgregor is the owner of the Amsterdam based The Student Hotel that globally provides student accommodation. Read more

A tail of social entreprenurship

Dyslexic brothers Rob and Paul Forkan are social entrepreneurs and the proud owners of a Gandys charitable foundation Read more

When two unique minds become one

When two unique minds come together they are either likely to clash like planets or will fuse together to work harmoniously towards a bigger purpose. Read more

Working From Street Level by Ross Duncan

Granted, I found formal schooling and exams a challenge, although I excelled at sport; but after leaving school, I went on to start a B Tech course in music and drama and musical theatre at the prestigious Urdang Academy in London’s Covent Garden. Read more

Stories from the inside by Dear Dyslexic Community Member

I am 55 and finally accepting that being dyslexic has made me who I am today. My background: I had older parents that escape from the horror of War World 2. My mother is German and my father was Hungarian. Read more

Guest Blog from Ross Duncan

Ross Duncan is a researcher and writer for British Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia Scotland, The Red Apple Dyslexia Association,Dyslexia Association of Ireland and Weareumi Ross is on a mission to raise dyslexia awareness across the range and has the proven ability to globally write about a diverse range of people and in doing so being recognised as an ambassador for dyslexia. Read more

This year has been phenomenal!

I cant believe that we are coming up to the end of the year and Christmas is literally just around the corner.  This year has been phenomenal! I could never have imaged that amount of activities we could undertake while working day jobs. Read more