Welcome to the Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series. These podcasts share stories of the lived experiences of people who have dyslexia and other learning disabilities, as well as those who care for, live and or work with us.

Shae Wissell the creator of the Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series states "I wanted to use podcasts as the medium to share unique stories of everyday Australians who have dyslexia and other learning disabilities, to shine a light on the success and the challenges of life with dyslexia. Without the reading barrier, we can all listen and learn."

You can listen to a variety of guest speakers from authors, to actors, entrepreneurs and every day dyslexic people not just surviving but thriving!

Shae was Katified by the talented illustrator Kat from Kat and Fox. See how Shae was Katafied and was created into caricature.

Episode 1 with Savvy Motive Episode 15 with Professor Rufus Black
Episode 29 with Professor Eleanor Loiacono on neurodiversity in the workplace
Episode 2 with Dr. Nola Firth Episode 16 with Dr Jacque Caskey
Episode 30 with Queensland Shadow Minister Trevor Watts
Episode 3 with Author Catherine Deveny Episode-17 with DDF Chair Christine MacJouvelet Episode 31 with Elizabeth Takyi
Founder and CEO of a2i Dyslexia
Episode 4 with Daryl Quilliam on 24Ten Episode 18 with Tasmanian of the Year Rosalie Martin Episode 32 with Lois and Nicholas Letchford
Episode 5 with Order of Australia Jackie French Episode 19 with HR Expert Brian Hagan Episode 33 with Helen Boden CEO of the Britsh Dyslexia Association
Episode 6 with Professor Keith Houghton Episode 20 with HR Expert Nicole Dominque Le Episode 34 With Andrew Eddy from Untapped and the Neurodiversity Hub
Episode 7 with Sandra Hargreave Episode 21 with Dr Judith Hudson Episode 35 with Captain Amanda Harrison
Episode 8 with Gemma Bilardi Episode 22 with Hugo Richard from DysTech Episode 36 with Neil Alexander-Passe
Episode 9 with Australian of the Year Mandy Nayton Episode 23 with Jemima Hutton Episode 37 with Brian Butterworth on dyscalculia
Episode 10 with Cheri Shone Episode 24 with children's author Paul Russell Episode 38 Intimate relationships with Jane Kjerstan
Episode 11 with Anthony Garner Episode 25 with Mother and son duo Zivit and Gili Inbar Episode 39 with Autumn O'Connor
Episode 12 with Author LJ Kidd Episode 26 with Christian Boer from Dyslexie Font Special Edition Podcast Episode 40 with Trisha Malowney Disability and Human Rights Advocate
Episode 13 with Jamie Crabb Episode 27 with Jack Churchill Scanning Pens  
Episode 14 with Dr Grainne Cleary Episode 28 with Actor, Author and Dyslexia Advocate Ameer Baraka  

Dear Dyslexic Foundation; disrupting the norm through storytelling. Creating a world of acceptance and empathy to empower those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities to reach their full potential and live healthier, happier more connected lives.