Dear Dyslexic strongly advocates for change through education and awareness-raising activities these include:

Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series 

The Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series was developed as a way of sharing stories through speech rather than text. The podcasts provide the opportunity to listen to the lived experiences of those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. A regular series with a range of fascinating guests from right across the dyslexia spectrum. Listen to the Dear Dyslexic Podcast Series.

Expert Speaker

We started storytelling in 2015 when founder Shae Wissell shared her story with the world. Shae wanted to disrupt what people think and understand about dyslexia, and give young people and adults with dyslexia a voice.

Shae weaves her lived experience of dyslexia and dysgraphia with the latest research to give you the most thought-provoking presentations and workshops. Tailored to the concerns and needs of your audience, presentations provide a face-to-face opportunity to talk about learning disabilities and their impact. Find out more

National Campaigns 

Each year we call on those in higher education and the workplace to take action and support their students and staff by promoting our campaign during National Dyslexia Awareness Month, yes we get a whole month! Find out more about our campaigns.

Annual Gala

Every day, people who have dyslexia struggle with the daily challenges of life which can lead to disengagement and disconnection from their education, employment and relationships.

Each year during the month of October the Dear Dyslexic Foundation hosts an Annual Gala. The aim of teh Gala is to raise awareness, vital funds and unveil the hidden stories of dyslexia.

By attending our annual gala, your support will make a direct impact and contribution to the continued amazing work of the Dear Dyslexic Foundation. For further information on this year's 2019 Resilience Gala

Free Factsheets

For quick overviews of the basics when it comes to work, study and life with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Head to teh FAQs section to find out more.