Loving Hands



The Jail cell: This represents my school years & early adulthood, I felt trapped & no one could see me or feel my pain when they laughed at me.

The clock: Teachers weren’t able to give me the time that I needed to shine.

The black balloon: I felt that is was in a dark place.

The scales of justice: The red apples represent the people that fit into what society see as “the norm”, the green apple is me weighted down as I didn’t feel that I fitted in anywhere.

Joined hands: Represents my husband & important people that cared for me & gave me their time throughout my life to help me shine.

My name: Not ashamed or embarrassed to say I have dyslexia.

Balloons:  The people that have helped me find myself & helped me unleash my full potential.

Flower in the hands: Gentle hands guiding me to grow.