The Dear Dyslexic Foundation offers assessment services to establish comprehensive learning and language profile that identifies any learning difficulties for the purpose of intervention and/or diagnosis of learning disabilities, with recommendations and strategies to help you succeed in life!  

All assessments include a consultation session, feedback session with a Neuropsychologist, and a report, and take from over 7 to 10 hours to complete over a number of days.

On the first day of the assessment:

  • A preliminary interview at the beginning of the day, including discussion on the background information provided in advance

  • A standardised cognitive (IQ) test

  • A variety of language assessments

  • A feedback session on how the process has gone. Here, the Neuropsychologist’s will present summary test results, as well as explain the meaning of these results. The Neuropsychologist’s preliminary thoughts on the best strategies to address any issues identified will also be discussed including strategies for study or in the workplace. In some instances, referrals to other specialists may also be considered such as a psychologist or counsellor.

  • Recommendations for further assistance that might be helpful such as tutoring, peer support programs and assistive technology

Assessment  Fees  

  • $2000.00 Employer or organisations

  • $1500.00 Individual fee-paying

  • $1250.00 Students and concession cardholder

Medicare does not cover the costs of a neuropsychology assessment. Some costs may be covered through private health insurance.  It is your responsibility to determine this with your health fund.

10% deposit at the time of booking.
50% payment at the first appointment and then final payment at the second appointment
Appointments must be cancelled within 24 hours or a cancellation fee of $365.00 will apply.

10% deposit can be paid by direct debit to:
Dear Dyslexic Foundation
Your First Name and Last Name
BSB: 633 000
Account: 160 943 536

Book your appointment here or call toll free 1800 589 667.