I cant believe that we are coming up to the end of the year and Christmas is literally just around the corner. 

This year has been phenomenal! I could never have imaged that amount of activities we could undertake while working day jobs.  

I would like to take this time to reflect on the significant achievements of 2019, none of which would have been possible without the support of our dear dyslexic community, our sponsors and most of all our staff, volunteers and Board of Directors. Our staff, volunteers and board of directors have worked tirelessly this year to ensure we continue to work towards our vison of young people and adults with dyslexia empowered to reach their full potential. We have had significant pro-bono support from people across the country who too believe in our vision and mission, I am filled with so much gratitude and thanks, words can’t describe it. A special mention must be made to the Chair of our Board Christine MacJouvelet who has stood by me and is always contributing above and beyond the requirements of the Chair of the Board.  

It is the gift of time that people have offered so generously even though they have busy lives, competing priorities and families of their own, these people have offered guidance, support and mentorship.  

It’s hard to believe that it is possible to do some much work in one year. I have learnt so much over this last year there have been a lot of growing pains. With all the success comes some downfalls and the balance can be hard to find and I have faced some hard lessons along the way, self-care physically and mentally is so important and putting work aside to spend time, proper time looking after yourself, time with family and friends is something that cannot be ignored because time comes and goes.  2020 brings with it better balancing my days between work, study, the foundation and most importantly with my family and friends. This line of work is not easy and you can get so caught up in your work you can become selfish for the good of the greater cause! That’s are hard pill to swallow and one I want to keep in check next year.  

So I hope over the coming weeks you get a break you, have some time for what and who you love including caring for yourself. That you have time to reflect on all your achievements because there will be many! But most of all stay safe so together we can continue our journey of ups and downs, lessons and learningstogether we can continue to empower young people and adults with dyslexia to be empowered to reach their full potential and live healthier, happier lives.   

Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday session. 

With love