Have you ever wanted to join in on a conversation on social media, but worried that people would focus on your spelling mistakes and grammar instead of your message?

This has always been a worry for me, so you won’t find me on Facebook or Twitter. I watch high profile people who have dyslexia like Jamie Oliver get ridiculed even though he has a disclaimer on all his social media sites and I shudder – no thank you!

One place you will find me is LinkedIn, but I was there recently and someone was complaining about professionals who couldn't spell or get their grammar right. Normally, I would stay away from that kind of thing, but I was in a good mood, had a good day at work, and thought why not wade in? Why not point out that this kind of comment can make people who have learning difficulties feel really marginalised? So I asked if it really matters if there are a few minor errors if the message is still clear??

Well, that set them off! The sort of responses I got and the lack of any willingness to engage with my message were really disappointing. But, at least I was raising awareness. Next time one of these sorts of conversations starts up maybe someone will stop and wonder if there might be reasons for this person to make a few errors. Maybe that’s too grand a dream, but I hope that I planted a seed of awareness – that can only be a good thing.

Despite that adventure in stirring the pot on LinkedIn, I still get anxious posting on any social media site if I haven’t had someone check it first. This has been really tough on the Dear Dyslexic Facebook page. I want it to be perfect, but if it’s mine then it’s going to have some stuff that’s misspelt or poorly constructed. I have a learning disability! But if Jamie Oliver can do it, then so can the Dear Dyslexic community, we’ll figure it out together.

So if you’re a bit shy about posting on the Dear Dyslexic Facebook page, don’t be. This is the first time I've even had a Facebook page and it’s really scary! What are your thoughts and experiences in the world of social media? Do you find it tough to get through in this world where there’s so much emphasis on text either online or on your phone? Tell me about it, on the Dear Dyslexic page.