Shanan runs his own business and has dyslexia. He recently returned to study to develop his skills. As part of that, he came across the Dear Dyslexic site and found the resources and community really useful.

How did you first hear about Dear Dyslexic? 

I found out about Dear Dyslexic through a Facebook post on the Dyslexic Victoria support forum.

What was your situation at the time you first found Dear Dyslexic? 

I was running a walking tour a business and looking at going back to university to further my studies in tourism.

What sort of support were you looking for? 

I was looking to connect with other dyslexics and find out about all the assistive technology that is help them throughout the years of their time at uni.

What made Dear Dyslexic stand out over other options?

It's made by dyslexics for dyslexics.

The online community is really engaging and I’ve received a lot of excellent advice. All the resources on
the website are fantastic, especially the section on strategies for students at TAFE and university.

Was there a particular Dear Dyslexic resource that stood out for you?

I’m extremely enjoying the podcast it’s really interesting hearing about everyone’s unique journey and the different ways they've overcome adversity and achieved success.

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