I had high hopes for DDF in the year 2020 the important work we were planning to undertake, that would help improve the lives of young people and adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Yet 2020 had other plans and instead this year has been significantly challenging I don’t think those words really describe what we have all been through. Like many other COVID hit us hard and six months ago I wasn’t sure if DDF would be here today. Yet six months on we are here and we have been able to keep the foundation running thanks to the ongoing support and generosity of our community. And the support for this campaign has been no different. Usually, I would be running around like a headless chicken getting ready for our annual gala. But due to COVID, we were unable to hold our gala this year and we had to think of something quickly that was original and different that we could do online to continue our work of raising the awareness of dyslexia and providing pivotal supports and services ensure that those with dyslexia do not face disadvantages that I myself and many others had faced.


I am extremely proud of this competition and this campaign the different pieces of artwork that have come through are so unique, so beautiful and so raw. I truly believe they showcase how children, young people and adults are managing their dyslexia every day and I'm so thrilled that we could use art as a medium to continue to share the stories of those with dyslexia across Australia.

I feel such gratitude for all those who entered our first ever one of a kind Australian dyslexia art competition. We had so much interest from people overseas wanting to entre the competition but for the first year I really wanted to represent our Australian voices. I thank the entries for entrusting us to showcase your work and for putting yourselves out there to show your feelings, your thoughts, your challenges and most importantly your strengths and successes.

And the winners are:

Judges awards:

Sophie Day - First place 

Wayne Hutchinson - Second place

Lisa Hutchinson _ Third place

Leila Edelstein - Highly Commended

People's Choice Awards

Nicholle Quilty