Dear Dyslexic Founder Shae Wissell receives three awards at the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards for her work in raising awareness for dyslexia


Dear Dyslexic Foundation founder and CEO Shae Wissell has been recognised by Australia’s largest community of female entrepreneurs for her leadership and work in raising awareness about dyslexia.


Ms Wissell won the People’s Choice Award for Leadership and the Women’s Business School Accelerate Award, while she came second for the Making a Difference Award (Non-Profit) at the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards.


Ms Wissell is a qualified speech pathologist with a Masters degree in Public Health and Health Administration. She is currently completing a doctorate that examines the emotional wellbeing of those with dyslexia in the workplace and how they can be better supported by HR practices.


Ms Wissell said: “Together we are all working to empower those with learning disabilities to reach their full potential. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things and we can all reach for our dreams and beyond.”


“All the hard work has paid off because 450 people that attended the awards not only learned about dyslexia but how people with dyslexia can still succeed and achieve in life.”

“Thank you to the board of the Dear Dyslexic Foundation, especially our chair Christine MacJouvelent. Thank you to all my fellow dyslexics, family and community.

“Thank you also from my mum, my sister Laura and my supportive partner Daniel who keep me going in my darkest hours.”

Ms Wissell says her focus is to double down on awareness campaigns for Dyslexia Awareness Month coming up in October. The month will feature the annual Dear Dyslexia Gala, to be held on Friday October 18 at the Fenix in Melbourne. The theme of the event is ‘resilience’ and the event will feature keynote speaker Jackie French.