The Federal Government Parliamentary Inquiry into Adult Literacy Skill - Don't take it as read Inquiry into adult literacy and its importance Report has just been released. Advocacy is at the heart of what we at DDF do.  DDF made a submission to this inquiry and our CEO Shae Wissell and Board directors, Dr. Judith Hudson, and Christine MacJouvelet, were invited to attend the hearing to discuss this.

DDF was excited to be cited eight times in the recommendations put forward including that specific learning disability (dyslexia) be included under Medicare Billing Scheme (MBS). Assessments are usually conducted by an educational psychologist, a neuropsychologist with the support of speech pathologists and there is no financial rebate to help cover the cost, which can be more than $2000.00. This can create a significant financial barrier for many individuals and families people who just can't afford this cost leaving many undiagnosed and unsupported and this is not good enough.

Every child, young person and adult deserves the chance to an education and early intervention. Having an assessment is really important. It can help people understand why they may be struggling and then how they can get the help they need to thrive.

Having assessments included in MBS is extremely exciting to see as we have been lobbying the Government for this over the last five years. Although this is a recommendation it's fantastic to see this conversation is happening and we hope for change in the coming years that better support children, young people and adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Go, team!                                                                                                               Click the report to read.