In this month's episode, Shae speaks with mother and son duo Lois and Nicholas Letchford.

Lois Letchford’s dyslexia came to light at the age of 39, when she faced teaching her seven-year-old non-reading son, Nicholas. Examining her reading failure caused her to adapt and change lessons for him. The results were dramatic. Lois subsequently qualified as a reading specialist, using her non-traditional background, multi-continental experience, and her passion for assisting other failing students. Her learning equips her with a unique skill set and perspective. 

The goal is always to create active readers, thus engaging students in the joy of reading and learning. Lois continuously engages in reading academic literature, strengthening the connection between research and teaching practice. 

Although living with dyslexia, Lois overcomes writing challenges-daily. She writes for her students and writes blogs for parents and teachers.

Reversed: A Memoir is her first book. Here, she details the journey of her son’s dramatic failure. She has become a sort-after speaker, sharing creative, engaging insights with humour and grace. Lois speaks on numerous podcasts and reading conferences around the world. 

Dr. Nicholas Letchford is a consultant in the international development sector in the UK and a fellow dyslexic. He gained his DPhil (PhD) in Mathematics at the University of Oxford, where he modelled the process of cavitation in engine lubricant films, funded by BP. Nicholas has a broad skill set spanning mathematics, statistics, health economics, and engineering, with a sustained interest in public health, health economics, and policy evaluations. He holds dual undergraduate Hons degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tasmania, and an MSc in Health Technology Assessment from the University of Glasgow.

This is an inspirational podcast that talks about one mother's love for her son and everything she did to help him to read and go on to become a Doctor at Oxford Univerity. 

You've got to find out what you're good at. Find out what you like and you've got to surround yourself with people who support you.

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