In this episode, Shae welcome's Jane Kjersten back to the show to talk about Dyslexia and Trauma. Jane is a therapist who has worked with individuals, couples and families who live with learning disabilities/difficulties.

Jane began her journey in professional counselling in 1994.  She wanted to help people who were suffering, lost, and traumatized - experiences that were also historically my own.

Jane initially trained in Basic Counselling, Temperament Therapy, and Marriage Therapy through the United States.  Jane went on to complete a Diploma in Counselling here in New Zealand in 2004 and then a Bachelor in Counselling in 2010. As well as a Master of Counselling degree with First Class Honours through the University of Auckland in 2016.

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Jane is also the co-author of the book: Adult Dyslexia: A guide to understanding the world of adult dyslexics

You can also listen to Jane's podcast on Dyslexia and intimate relationships here.

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