I was so delighted to come across today’s guest through LinkedIn. In this episode Shae speaks with Natalia is a Business Transformation Analyst, the Global Neurodiversity Advancement leader and the leader of Global Neurodiversity @ IBM Business Resource Group Co-Chair. Natalie is a proud neurodivergent(ND)and parent of an autistic IT Professional, Nat enables businesses to see the value in embracing ND talent to attain highly skilled and dedicated professionals that may otherwise be overlooked.

Nat has driven culture change, improving trust and allyship through:
• Global Acceptance Training across >30 Countries
• Speaking Engagements >10,000 Audience
• Youth Self Advocacy Initiatives > 2,500 Audience
• Safe space Think Tanks to ensure representation >200 Members

Nat is also experienced with intersectionality across PWD/PWDA, LGBT+, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and other identity groups.

Nat is also a Business Analyst/Application Developer with IBM for over 25 years.

Natalia and I spoke all things HR, neurodivergent in the workplace and how IBM is making critical changes to ensure their neurodiverse staff work in an inclusive, supportive strength-based environment.

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