In this podcast, Shae speaks with Ben Fogarty. Ben is a barrister at Denman Chambers, with expertise in discrimination law (specialising in disability discrimination), administrative law, criminal law, guardianship and mental health law, and employment and industrial relations laws. He has been a barrister for 10 years and, prior to that, was a solicitor for 12 years. Prior to being called to the bar, Ben was the senior solicitor at the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service. He has also been the Acting Director of Pro Bono at Gilbert+Tobin Lawyers, the principal solicitor at the Intellectual Disability Rights Service, the outreach solicitor at the Darwin Community Legal Service and the principal solicitor of the NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre. He has also worked at Redfern Legal Centre and the Inner-City Legal Centre. Ben's work in the community legal sector covered a very broad range of laws. Ben also taught criminal law for 9 years at the University of New South Wales, his last year being 2012. Ben has advised and appeared both for applicants and respondents in New South Wales, Queensland and Commonwealth disability discrimination.
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