In this episode, Shae speaks with Councillor Teeny Brumby from Burnie, Tasmania.

Teeny is an effervescent and outgoing Wife and Mum of four children who LOVES op-shopping, coffee and public speaking!

Twice elected in Tasmanian local government, she has served 7 years thus far. Currently studying her Master's in Business, Vice Chair of a Campsite on the Northwest Coast of Tasmania and working part time as a sales consultant selling caravans, she still manages a busy home with 4 children including teenagers.

Teeny has been on the public speaking circuit for many years focusing on topics of working in an orphanage in Romania, how to save money in the home, the importance of intimacy, and inspiring individuals to reach for the stars!

Following a diagnosis of dyslexia for 3 of her children, Teeny discovered she shares their learning preferences. A high school dropout, she gained employment as a dental nurse and worked in an orphanage in Romania at 19 years of age. Following this, she had 4 babies, before being called into Local Government, continuing the story of challenging the "lies we tell ourselves". Battling the inner lie 'I am dumb' due to wiring of her dyslexic brain, she shares how when we align our mind to what is true ... anything is possible!  

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