Scanning Pens was co-founded in the UK by Jack Churchill, the great grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. The company is the exclusive global distributor of the C-Pen range of products which includes the ReaderPen. Scanning Pens has offices in England, the United States, Canada, India and Australia. Recently we were awarded the Queens Enterprise Award. We are pleased to support the Dear Dyslexic Foundation


The ReaderPen is used globally by people with reading difficulties including dyslexia. The smart pen converts text to speech and reads words and sentences out loud allowing those with dyslexia to read independently. It will read any standard font in textbooks, novels, newspapers & magazines. The pen comes with built-in dictionaries, multiple accents and a voice recorder/dictaphone. ReaderPens encourage reluctant readers to read and can boost self-confidence and reduce stress & reading anxiety.



We offer all parents and health professionals a free 30-day trial of the ReaderPen. Just head to our website and fill out the online form. All we ask is a $1 refundable holding deposit.


The Power of Assistive Technology 

For more information, or for a free trial, contact Scanning Pens Australia:
Tel:               02 8855 7100

Email:            [email protected]