Ben Franklin is the NSW Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts and Energy. Mr Franklin, a National MLC who’s notional electorate is Northern New South Wales, has a long interest in the arts, and welcomed the chance to help find the Faces of Dyslexia.

Serving as the Party’s State Director from 2008 to 2015, he presided over one of the most successful periods in our history and helped usher a new generation into our ranks.

Ben grew up at Barham on the Murray River, where his parents were teachers. At school, he was a keen debater and won a scholarship to complete his Higher School Certificate in Sydney. Prior to joining The Nationals as State Director in 2008, he held the role of Communications Director for UNICEF Australia.

This is a wonderful iniatie and I'm thrilled to be on the judging panel. Art is a powerful medium of expression and the Faces of Dyslexia self-portatir competition is a postive and creative way to rasie awareness of dyslexia.

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