In this free episode in our Mental Health and Thriving Series Shae speaks with psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist Kristal Lau about what's in a dyslexic assessment and how they can be helpful in navigating study and work. 

A little bit about Kristal

Kristal works at Launch Psychology and enjoys working holistically and collaboratively with individuals of all ages and life-stages to make meaning of their circumstances and reach their best selves. She takes a person-centred approach while incorporating learnings from psychology and neuroscience to facilitate growth in those she works with.

Kristal has worked broadly across the lifespan in various community and clinical settings including; a learning and behaviour disorders clinic, within the out-of-home care sector, and employment services. She is also a research psychologist at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute where she works on a longitudinal twin study interested in epigenetic and environmental factors that predict cognitive health. Beyond her work, Kristal loves long conversations with family and friends, new food experiences, and enjoying a good book in the sunshine.

Kristal has been working with DDF to provide dyslexia assessments to young people and adults.

We hope you enjoy this free episode. 

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