Relationships can be tricky at the best of times. When a dyslexic person and a non-dyslexic person come together there is a unique set of difference that we must learn to navigate. Whether its a relationship between a parent and a child, siblings, friends or a partner.
In this episode, Shae speaks with Nicholas and Lakshami about how to navigate the ups and downs of a dyslexic family. We wanted to bring you this episode to raise awareness of how dyslexia can impact all aspects of our lives and we hope you enjoy it. Please send through any questions you may have before the show. We are running this through Facebook live and we hope to see you there.
Dr. Nicholas Letchford is fellow dyslexic and an Assistant Consultant with Oxford Policy Management, where he works on delivering projects in the international development sector. 
Lakshmi Neelakantan is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh, researching measurement of violence against children. Her research interests are in violence against children, evidence-based approaches to global child welfare and protection, and mixed-methods research in public health. 

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