I am currently undertaking a certificate 3 in community services. A requirement of completion is doing a 20-hour work placement. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to volunteer with the Dear Dyslexia Foundation. 

As someone who is dyslexic, I found the experience very educational. Not only with the research, I was doing but also as a result of the discussions I was having with Shae and other members of the foundation. Throughout the whole experience, everyone was also willing to answer any personal questions I had in regards to dyslexia.  Despite being 17 I was treated very respectfully and given interesting relevant work. As a teen, I have found many people do not take me seriously and it was so lovely to be treated as though I was just as qualified as everyone else there. This carried into discussions on where the organization should go next in the research projects I was given and in general conversations. 

When discussing what work I would undertake for my work placement Shae talked me through multiple options and we discussed what would work best. We ended up deciding that an analysis of having dyslexia-friendly universities was the way to go. This was perfect for me as someone who plans to go to uni in the near future. I also looked into potential candidates for the podcast and international organizations that may be interesting to work with. 


Overall I have had an amazing experience volunteering here and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.