Hot off the press - “You Don’t Look Dyslexic”: Using the Job Demands—Resource Model of Burnout to Explore Employment Experiences of Australian Adults with Dyslexia
Shae Wissell, Leila Karimi Tanya Serry, Lisa Furlong and Judith Hudson
Our CEO Shae Wissell is a doctoral candidate with La Trobe University and has recently published her latest first-of-a-kind Australian research looking at the lived experiences of working adults with dyslexia and we are so thrilled to be able to share our peer-reviewed research. This is the second in a series of  5 papers Shae and her supervisors are working on for publication.
A big thank you to the participants who so openly and honestly shared their powerful stories and my supervisors Tanya Serry, Leila Karimi, Judith Hudson and Lisa Furlong for all their support and patience as we developed this paper and their dedication to ensuring that adults with dyslexia are heard and live healthy happy lives!!