The Dear Dyslexic Foundation brings together talented and passionate people from Australia and around the world and gives them an opportunity to work towards our shared purpose: to empower those 16 and over with dyslexia to reach their full potential, through storytelling. We embrace flexible work arrangements with 95 per cent of our team working part-time and virtually.

Our team consists of our Board of Directors, our CEO and Founder, psychologists, tutors and trainers.

Our psychologists provide comprehensive assessment and support services to ensure you access the right help at the right time.

Our psychologists are fully qualified, endorsed by APHRA and have trained and specialised in working with young people and adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. They will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and report that you can use to help you understand your needs, whether you are studying or at work. For further information on our assessment services, see: Dear Dyslexic Assessment Services

Our tutors have academic qualifications and are registered teachers, with specialist skills in dyslexia.

They will provide you with support strategies and skills for learning and managing at TAFE, university and at work. Our tutoring service is run through an online, secure platform from anywhere in Australia. For further information on our tutoring program, see: Dear Dyslexic tutoring

Our trainers have academic qualifications and are registered as teachers or specialists. Through our training, you will have access to industry speakers and higher education experts, covering many topics that can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to support and empower those with dyslexia. 

Topics will include study skills, social and emotional wellbeing courses and strategies to support adults with dyslexia in the workplace. For further information on our training programs, see Dear Dyslexic training

We are so excited to have you on board! Because the more people who have a voice and are able to access the right services at the right time and the right place, the more empowered those with dyslexia will be to reach their full potential.