Assessment services

If you would like a dyslexia assessment, you can simply refer yourself – you do not need to see a GP first. Once you have submitted the form, we will be in touch within two business days. Generally, we will be able to schedule your assessment within a week.

Assessments take a minimum of six hours and are available at our practice in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. You will need a full day clear of work and other commitments.

To learn more about our assessment team, see Our Team. To make an appointment, fill out a referral form.

Book your appointment here or call toll free 1800 589 667.

Student tutoring

Our tutors have academic qualifications and are registered teachers. They will provide you with support strategies and skills for learning and managing at TAFE, uni and in the workplace.

Our tutoring service is run through an online, secure platform from anywhere in Australia. So you can be in access us from the comfort of your home.

To register to find out more, please contact Dear Dyslexic on 1800 589 667.

To learn more about our tutors, see Our Team.

Book your appointment here or call toll free 1800 589 667.